Jaune de Chrome

At the beginning, a visionary innovators’ adventure, fascinated by ceramic and glaze; then, with an aspiration for great fulfillments and creative enthusiasm, the invention of a brand, a unique know-how, a way of life and a passion: Jaune de Chrome.

Created and managed by Christian Le Page – self-taught man, ceramist and painter – and Catherine Badaire – fashion designer – Jaune de Chrome is known worldwide for being the only brand to master this exclusive glaze craftsmanship: Metallic components blended with glaze are meticulously applied on porcelain, revealing the most incredible motifs and effects, when colors develop and crystals group together.

After more than 25 years of experiments and intensive research, this laboratory of ideas – to whom we owe the most confidential, the most exceptional and the most exclusive tabletop collections, entirely handmade, often copied but never equaled – continues to explore great creative fields and expands its artistic territory…