Kerylos Interieurs


Kerylos Intérieurs was founded by Didier Benderli to create and manage hospitality and restoration interior design projects as well as private residences.

Kerylos Intérieurs strives to design personalised attractive and functional spaces. The agency endeavours to revisit a form of classicism, challenging different elements and bringing them together in an unexpected way, playing around with shapes and colours in a way that makes them uniquely memorable. Thoughtfully selected materials, mediums, shapes and colours draw on emotion and understanding, merging together to seduce and comfort. Their projects are inspired by a site’s history or created from scratch staying true to architectural form and an attention to detail.

Didier Benderli’s eclectic style doesn’t settle for a simple or stereotypical understanding. The bespoke plays an essential part in his work. He uses a delicate touch to form a sophisticated yet restrained overall appearance, employing an almost invisible order in which it is clear that the elements and colours are neither isolated or there by chance.

“The work mustn’t be too visible, it has to be clear without it all feeling like a combination of formulas”, he likes to say. “Where possible, I try not to hide the potential that the space gives me.”