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Alexander Lamont


Alexander Lamont

Handcrafted and oozing sophistication, this British designer’s pieces are made using the finest noble materials, such as shagreen, bronze, straw marquetry and parchment. They are an invitation to travel and discover by the interplay of textures of unparalleled quality, revealing the excellence of Alexander Lamont’s workshops.


In collaboration with internationally renowned designers, Alexander Lamont regularly presents exclusive collections and has been working with Colombian designer Alberto Velez since 2020. Together, and with the participation of Alberto’s wife, photographer Andreina Lauria, they have most recently designed Trove, a collection of accessories.


Exploring Alexander Lamont’s library of materials, they have created a modern interpretation of it, the result of which is an impressive collection of furniture and lighting. MALABARES is the culmination of this creative, vibrant and abundant friendship.

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