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Founded in 2006 by Jan Rabell, Brokis, a leading lighting brand, embodies the excellence of Bohemian master glassmakers through the quality of hand-blown glass, creativity and attention to detail in each of its creations.


This Czech manufacturer has gained worldwide recognition in the design world and has received several awards for the refinement of its pieces, created by both Czech and international designers.


Brokis plays on textures, materials and the mastery of exceptional craftsmanship to produce bold, entirely hand-made pieces, pushing back the limits of contemporary design and artistic craftsmanship. Blown glass blends harmoniously with high quality materials such as wood or pressed metal, giving life to unique, extremely contemporary yet timeless collections.


Combining design and innovative technologies, Brokis offers a wide range of functional and decorative lighting to private individuals, as well as tailor-made lighting solutions for professionals.

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