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Founded in 2014 by Swedish entrepreneur Louise Varre, Eldvarm offers accessories and furniture based around the fireplace: from log baskets and storage benches to mantels and candle holders. With their pure and timeless lines, Eldvarm’s creations blend harmoniously into any interior and are available in a variety of colours to match any interior.


More than just fireplace accessories, the brand offers a true art of living centred on well-being and cosy home cocooning. This allows for fun by altering the intended use of Eldvarm’s pieces, which are decorative objects in their own right, according to one’s desires.

For example, the log basket becomes a storage basket for plaids, magazines or even toys, while the wood storage bench can easily be transformed into a bed end or a small piece of furniture.


Guided by a deep respect for nature – whose beauty is an inexhaustible source of inspiration – Eldvarm makes its products from materials meticulously selected for their quality, purity and traceability, using traditional craft techniques. The brushes, for example, are entirely natural and made from a mixture of horsehair and tampico, a fibre from the agave cactus known for its durability. The leather elements are handmade and tanned using a plant-based process, preserving the natural colour variations of the leather.

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