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Julie-Anne Burch

Interior design

Julie-Anne Burch

Julie Anne Burch, an internationally renowned interior designer, draws upon a universal source of energy to infuse inspiration into every space she creates.


With a blend of formal design training, a lifelong passion for crafting environments, and a deep understanding of wellness and spirituality, she elevates each project by integrating the client’s energy, the essence of the space, and the vibrational frequency of its elements.


Since commencing her career in 2006, Julie Anne has curated distinctive environments for a diverse clientele, including prominent figures in politics, finance, medicine, law, and real estate, across various locations from New York to Paris and beyond.


Her holistic approach ensures that each space not only meets the client’s objectives but also resonates with a unique energetic harmony. Julie Anne’s journey began amidst a rich tapestry of experiences, from growing up in multiple states to immersing herself in French literature at Wheaton College. Her early exposure to diverse cultures and her family’s collection of antiques sparked her passion for creating beautiful homes. Building upon her adventures in France, where she worked with The National Geographic and designed events for prestigious occasions like The Cannes International Film Festival, Julie Anne officially launched her interior design career in 2011, founding Transitional Living, Inc.


Today, she leads a skilled team of professionals, ranging from artisans to healers, to manifest her clients’ visions into reality. Based primarily in New York City, Julie Anne’s boundless creativity knows no borders as she travels the globe weekly, overseeing projects, sourcing unique items, and connecting with clients, all while tending to her five homes across different cities.


Her dedication lies in crafting sanctuaries that intricately reflect and nurture each client’s spirit and aspirations, underscoring her belief that what matters to her clients profoundly matters to her.

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