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MUR.MUR Architectes

La Montgolfière, Gros Bao, Union, Liberté, Octave, Dalia, these restaurants, bakeries and social clubs are among the most popular hotspots for Parisians and they all have one thing in common: the architecture agency MUR.MUR founded in 2010 by Lucie Rosenblatt and Benoît Huen.


Within the MUR.MUR agency, the duo likes to tackle diverse projects, questionning the memory of a place and its modénature to better inscribe it in its new use. Past and present interact with elegance and sobriety.


From the glowing decor of Gros Bao, evoking Shanghai of the 1930s, to the bare, weathered walls of Liberté, each of MUR.MUR’s projects is unique. However, all of them leave a memory marked by aesthetic shocks, between poetry and brutalism.

9 rue Doudeauville, 75018 Paris

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