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Furniture and lighting editor, Softicated, was founded in Geneva in 2018. It’s founder, Cyril Rumpler, is the artistic director and designer of the brand’s collections. 


Cyril Rumpler’s artistic approach to design is highly instinctive. Starting from a single line or a perspective, he allows his imagination to flourish without stylistic constraints but with real sensitivity to the organic curves found in nature. His designs are sober and timeless, fitting elegantly into the most beautiful interiors: from an ultra-contemporary loft to a mountain chalet, from a Haussmannian apartment to a country house. 


Curious and inventive, Cyril Rumpler approaches his designs with the notion of enhancing well-being. At each stage of the design and production process, Cyril Rumpler is constantly improving the comfort and practicality of his pieces. Focusing on the finest details such as the choice of materials and their origin, all Softicated collections are made exclusively in Europe.

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