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idprestige Morocco has devoted four pages to Alexandra Poster Bennaim’s, the founder and director of the Alexandra Public Relations agency, apartment’s interior.

“It may seem that Alexandra is unknown to many people in Morocco, however you unconsciously know a little about her because it is thanks to her agency, with whom we have worked for many years, that we can produce beautiful articles about design and designers ! “


The magazine Informations Entreprise dedicated two pages to Alexandra Public Relations agency and its founder and director, Alexandra Poster Bennaim.

“She has that “je ne sais quoi” typical of natives from across the Channel, that, beyond giving her this inevitable international mindset, reminds anyone who crosses her path that you can indeed have both English composure and elegance, while still perfectly cultivating a Latin personality. This adaptable temperament is precisely what enables Alexandra Poster Bennaim to flaunt her wonderful success today because her agency, created 14 years ago, now works with press in over 70 countries.”


Deco Magazine devoted 13 pages to Alexandra Poster Bennaim, the founder and director of the Alexandra Public Relations agency, and her apartment’s interior.

“An apartment full of desires and life. If Alexandra Poster Bennaim chose to decorate her apartment without the help of a designer, it’s because she wanted a place to live that reflected her personal style and taste. A family cocoon where she could place objects close to her heart, and not be obliged to follow trends. This constantly changing interior adapts itself to the mood and desires of the lady of the house. “


Alexandra Public Relations  has been selected by Capital for his dossier on “Companies to Follow” in 2016, and has written an article about the agency.

“Alexandra Public Relations, a recognized international expertise. Originally from England and with 20 years of experience in the sector, Alexandra opened her agency in Paris in 2002 and London in 2013. The article is the story of passion, interior architecture, design, and the high range lifestyle that animates her and her team. “


God Save the Bling, 9 pages devoted to Alexandra Poster Bennaim’s, the founder and director of the Alexandra Public Relations agency, apartment.

“Arriving in the French capital fifteen years ago to start her press office, Alexandra Poster Bennaim did not leave her British creativity on the other side of the Channel. “


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