Andreea Braescu

Andreea Braescu is a Romanian interior artist who works with porcelain to create bespoke light sculptures. Her handcrafted lighting focuses on breathing life into interior spaces, with the aim of serving as both a functional and emotional experience for the client.

Each chandelier and custom-made installation has been created using fine bone china, which is an especially translucent phosphatic porcelain. Although a notoriously difficult material, its ability to capture and reflect light with such softness and warmth captivated Andreea. It is the highest quality ceramic which is both durable and delicate. When lit up, each handcrafted petal and leaf emits a warm, eye-catching light which transforms the installation into a true work of art.

Andreea Braescu’s goal is capture the essence of living nature and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realms of materials and technology.

Each element of Andreea’s lighting is unique, meticulously crafted with an individuality and form all of its own. Inspired by nature, each installation is purposely crafted to create a natural symbiosis between the space it inhabits and the rhythm of light, shade and emotion it both reflects and creates. She is constantly influenced by the beauty and the complexity of the natural world, especially the way it creates harmony through apparent randomness.

All the pieces in the Ginkgo Collection, Andreea’s first commercial collection, are inspired by the leaves of the Gingko Biloba. This ancient tree has thrived throughout history and is a potent symbol of vitality and longevity. The Gingko Collection taps into the principles of living nature and the life-sustaining relationship between sun and tree. Each individually-crafted porcelain leaf is positioned exactly, to capture and reflect light in a particular way, mirroring the dynamic harmony that nature itself creates.

Based in her studio in Bucharest, Andreea Braescu creates bespoke designs that work harmoniously with   their clients’ space. Each installation is tailored to its environment’s key dimensions to harmonise with its surroundings and light sources.