Atelier Zu

The Atelier Zû is a Parisian design studio created by Céline Salomon in 2018. After studying architecture, she took an interest in ceramics and started fashioning porcelain objects that have the ability to integrate elegantly and delicately into a wide variety of spaces. From one-of-a-kind objects to limited series, these handmade creations are an expression of the authenticity and spirit of an artist who is consistently challenging the limits of porcelain, a noble and demanding material, giving birth to fine and beautiful objects. Tableware, decorative accessories, luminaries, and even furniture, every creation becomes a source of inspiration for developing a new approach to our everyday objects. And the natural and poetic materials that inspire Céline are like a way for her to connect with the more human and essential aspects of life. Her background in architecture has given her an eye for details and a love for precise lines. Atelier Zû brings together French culture and the creator’s Chinese experiences. It expresses a need to return to a more human scale, a more sensitive vision of the objects that surround us.

Céline first started to work with ceramics in Paris. She then headed to China where she studied under the master artisans of Jingdezhen, a town world-renowned for its ceramics. There, she learned about casting, modelling, and working with slabs, techniques that she brought back to Paris and still uses in her atelier. In her creations, she switches from one technique to the next in order to allow each piece to express its full potential. Being far from home was for her a profound experience that inspired her professionally. Though she did not have any notions of Chinese, she discovered the mysterious art of calligraphy, developed a passion for Fabienne Verdier, and travelled through this country filled with tradition but guided by modernity. In designing her first collection, Céline sought to reinterpret the crafting methods. She took the multiple aspects of the conventional “blue and white” and made them her own, playfully manipulating its delicate and translucent properties. In opposition to what is usually seen in classical ceramic work, Céline creates surprising textures that give her work a raw aspect inspired by concrete, plaster, or stone, materials that she favours in architecture. In a nod to Jingdezhen, Céline Salomon came up with new and different techniques to working with cobalt blue. From a spray-painted nightshade ombré to hand painted calligraphy, she reinvents timeless classics and updates them with a contemporary and poetic style.