Founded in 1997 by French furniture designer and architect Reda Amalou, AW2 is a Paris-based architectural agency which Reda runs today alongside his partner, Stéphanie Ledoux. Since the beginning, AW2 has worked on a varied and eclectic range of projects, including but not limited to: a mid-century millstone house transformed into a contemporary residence; an office building constructed around a timber frame; and the urban development of a marina in Helsinki. Today, AW² continues to expand and push the envelope further in terms of both the projects they take on and the destinations in which they execute them. Their current portfolio includes luxury hotels, schools, hospitals and private residences in Europe as well as such far flung destinations as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Jordan. They have worked in more than 25 countries over the past 18 years. AW² pride themselves on approaching each project with an open mind, and not being restricted by a rigid theoretical or stylistic framework. They are deftly able to work on projects of all manner of magnitudes – from the architecture and construction of entire buildings and complexes, to the interior design of a private residence or hotel. As Reda and Stéphanie say themselves, architecture is about ‘how’ not ‘what’.