Barn in the City

Innovative brand Barn in the City offers a new take on design by blending aged barn wood with modern designs and contemporary finishes. Selecting only reclaimed wood of the highest quality, Barn in the City has created a collection of furniture and panelling that is natural, elegant and tells a unique story in every room.

Cofounded by creative duo Nancy Torreele and Martijn van Rijn, Barn in the City builds on years of international interior design and business experience, along with a strong passion for transforming the beauty of barn wood into luxurious furniture designs. The cornerstone of Barn in the City comes from the quality of the barn wood that is used, with the brand sourcing from their global network on wood of the utmost standard. Aged for over a century, the wood features knots, grains and patina that are truly unique, a texture that can only be created over time. Barn in the City believes that the quality of materials and textures are the true luxury in any living space, bringing this into their work as they mix the vintage-feel of aged wood with contemporary designs and finishes.