World leader in premium massage chairs, the Korean brand Bodyfriend puts the health and comfort of its customers first. Since 2007, Bodyfriend products have been designed to care for both the body and mind. Bodyfriend develops innovative technologies and applies them to luxury massage chairs, combining science and the service of well-being.

Odes of comfort and luxury, the massage chairs are the result of a meticulous research and development work of the Bodyfriend Clinic in Seoul. Products from Bodyfriend are real jewels of technology with unique functions allowing true moments of relaxation, all sealed in a refined case.

Inspired by an array of things, such as first-class airplane seats or the curves from a yacht, the design of the Bodyfriend chairs naturally find their place amongst the world of high-end lifestyle. Natural leathers, clean lines, refined finishes; the products stand out as genuine pieces. Their sophisticated look consciously evokes the exclusive essence of sports cars and private jets. Designed to reduce their size and optimize space, the armchairs are also available in various finishes and models. The integrated LED light emphasizes the simple but elegant design of the armchairs and contributes to the relaxation experience.

The chair’s massage functions adapt to the morphology and needs of each user. Based on extensive scientific work and more than 1200 patents, the Korean brand wants to have a global approach to well-being.