Bordallo Pinheiro

Bordallo Pinheiro, established in 1884, revitalises the traditional art of pottery and earthenware, mixing them with varying modern and classic styles.

The brand represents, above all, the ideas, beliefs and creativity of its founder – Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro. The result is a unique and remarkable artistic product; a confluence of numerous cultural references, translated into dozens of creations that still today set the tone for unique and expressive decorative works of art.

All of the artist’s work was filled with passion and creativity, using the project as a way to express social awareness and critical humor.

Not only are the designs timeless, artistic and rich, but the techniques used to create them are still up-to-date and continue to be truthful to their production.

Assisted by modern manufacturing technologies, to this day the production comes from “Fábrica de Faianças Artísticas Bordallo Pinheiro”, located in the same town where the artist started his production – Caldas de Rainha – in Portugal.