Founded in 1990, in the heart of Verona’s marble district in Italy, CITCO immediately distinguished itself for quality and reliability in the creation of extraordinary inlaid marble surfaces based on Classical decorations.

The brand has reinterpreted the concept of luxury and modified the perception of marble through their work.

In 2007, CITCO decided to create a new collection that would signify the diversification of the brand, led by the innovative guidance of Ferruccio Laviani, into the world of contemporary design. CITCO took their vision even further by developing collaborations with A-list designers, initially with Zaha Hadid in 2012.

Since then, the brand maintains its commitment to partnering with some of the most high-profile designers and architects of their generation such as Norman Foster, Arik Levy, Daniel Libeskind  and Ora-ïto…

Even through the brand’s redefinition, it remains true to its initial ethos of striving to accomplish the impossible with marble through unrelenting innovation and vision.