CM Studio Paris

CM Studio Paris is a new agency devoted to interior decoration, founded by John Coury and Florent Maillard who share a passion for history, travel, antiques and design.

The concept: to create a harmonious coherence between the interior and exterior of a space. John Coury and Florent Maillard are committed to linking each space to its immediate environment, finding the right architecture and interior decoration to match the era and the style of the time.

“We believe decoration is the reinterpretation of a space, the relationship between a room and its dimensions, the choice of surfaces and materials, and finally the selection and positioning of objects within the space.”

The style: they favour fluid and symmetrical architecture, poetic decor, sensual materials and refined finishes. CM Studios Paris’ projects are above all an intellectual process by which they combine antique and decorative pieces meticulously sourced from around the world, and perfectly integrate them into atmospheric and magical interiors, tailor-made for each client.

John Coury is passionate about history, believing it can better illuminate the future. The bridge between the past and the future, the East where he was born and the West where he was raised, bring his own personal stamp and subtlety to his inner world.

Florent Maillard, the descendant of a renowned architect, spent his adolescence in the Baie de Somme region of France. His genetic attraction to beautiful stones, to interior architecture and design prevail today and he yearns to give free rein to his creative mind.

The meeting of these two creators and the complementary differences in their tastes eventually became the soul of their magical designs. Since 2004, this partnership has given way to personal projects, both in France and internationally until they decided to focus on interior architecture, design and decoration with the opening of CM Studio Paris.