Dorothée Simon

A graduate from the Camondo School in Paris, Dorothée Simon started her career with renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton America and Jean Nouvel Design before launching her own agency Dorothée Simon Architecture in 2016.

Dorothée has worked on a diverse array of projects, from furniture design to interior architecture. Paying particular attention to context and overall coherence, she creates unique spaces with simple forms and complex details. Her projects come to life through a bold combination of materials, textures and light revealing remarkable graphic effects. With a permanent focus on aesthetics and functionality, Simon designs pieces of furniture in direct conjunction with the space’s architectural features.

Since launching her own agency, she has designed numerous residential projects, each one imagined as a unique story, such as artfully restoring a mountain farmhouse into a warm and welcoming family home. With subtlety of tone and texture, she enacts a style of great precision, favouring inventive layouts made up of precise and continuous lines. A thorough study of light is always present to create natural contrasts.

Additionally, Dorothée is the co-founder of RencontreUnArchi: an online platform that allows individuals to network and be supported by a group of professionals (architects, interior designers, decorators) within the industry in order to carry out their work within a given budget.