Flowered by Thierry Féret

Flowered by Thierry Féret is the work of self-taught florist, Thierry Féret, has distinguished himself in the industry through his unconventional, bold approach to the Flemish bouquet.

Nicknamed Thierry Féret “The Explosive”, his ‘flowerbombs’ notably consists of a combination of seasonal, exotic and dried flowers.

Drawing inspiration from Jan Davidsz’s still-lifes from Heem, Nick Cave’s ‘soundsuits’, Nick Knight’s sophisticated aesthetics and Anne Ten Donklelaar’s collages, Féret’s real-life works are constantly evolving.

Beyond the simple floral composition, Thierry Féret brings a breadth of poetry to his bohemian and singular creations. As a true alchemist of plants and nature, Thierry Féret is also renowned for his mastered art in entomology.

As a real jack-of-all-trades, Thierry Féret can be found in both his ‘flower-lab’ at the 37 rue de Chabrol in the 10th arrondissement in Paris or in command of flower decor for fashion- shows of Jean Paul Gaultier or Christian Lacroix.