A new digital gallery, Folks is a creator and curator of original, self-designed pieces in limited series by young designers. With ceramics, marbles, brass and steel, the materials are varied but harmonise naturally with all interiors over time. In a nod to the work of the renowned Italian designer Ettore Sottsass and her Memphis Group, some craftsmen even develop 3D creations in recyclable plastic, such as candle holders and lamps.

The two founders, Thaïs Gaillard and Marie Gireud, have been friends since secondary school. Together they travel to events and design weeks across France and Europe, always on the lookout for new treasures. They also regularly discouver fresh talent thanks to Instagram and their own network. Founded in 2018 in Lyon, the Folks community now includes around twenty designers, including Lucia Dos Santos, Haeghen Paris, Pia Chevalier, Elisa Uberti and UAU Project.

The duo also like the idea that the line between works of art and everyday objects can become blurred; some design pieces come close to pure artistic creation. Thus, each piece tells its own story on the e-shop: the origin of the product, the world of the craftsmen and the manufacturing process. Thaïs and Marie place people at the heart of creations, which, according to them, is as important as the product itself.

Far from standard decoration, Folks is aimed at decoration lovers who aspire to consume less but better. The brand presents its new products and rare gems in a pop-up shop over every Christmas period in Lyon.

With decorative accessories, lights and small furniture, the Lyon creator and curator meets the demands of architects and designers. Unique and exclusive, some pieces can also be made bespoke.