Franck Chartrain

French master craftsman and expert in metalwork, Franck Chartrain designs and creates timeless furniture and exquisite pieces of art. Renowned for his precision and audacity of style, Franck Chartrain demonstrates a perfect balance between technicality and artistic liberty. With true devotion to the craft, Franck Chartrain transforms and sculpts mediums into vibrant creations that bridge the gap between the worlds of art and interior design.

As a graduate from the traditional French institution, Compagnons du Devoir, Franck Chartrain is intuitively drawn to the study of form and composition of pieces that require absolute mastery.

Practising the ornamental metalwork since 1989, Franck Chartrain has collaborated with well-renowned, international designers and interior architects including Peter Marino, Philippe Starck, Victoria Hagan, Robert Stern, David Kleinberg, Jacques Garcia, Agence Pinto, Pierre-Yves Rochon, Bruno Moinard and Joseph Dirand amongst others. From the first sketches, to the study of technical phases and the development of exclusive textures and patinas, Franck Chartrain is involved in every stage of manufacturing. Passionate about transferring this remarkable level of craftsmanship to his team, he helps to preserve an ancient savoir-faire.

In 2012, he founded Franck Chartrain Collection, a brand boasting furniture and unique objects that demonstrate more than 15 years of personal creations. Through each piece, Franck Chartrain boldly modernises and transcends the profession of artisanal metalwork.

Franck Chartrain expresses himself through each one of his designs, which he creates as much for himself as for anyone else. He explores innovative techniques and imagines new styles with the intention of creating pieces with a strong identity and an impeccable level of craftsmanship.

Today, Franck Chartrain Collection is comprised of a large variety of hand-crafted metal creations, forged with other rare and precious materials such as agate, lacquer, petrified wood and crystalline glaze.

In the same vein as a work of art, each piece from Franck Chartrain Collection is a unique piece or bespoke limited edition, authentically signed by the designer himself.

The pieces in the Franck Chartrain Collection are internationally recognized by renowned collectors and interior decorators. They are regularly showcased around the world, notably in the Maison Gérard Gallery in New York as well as at international fairs presenting the finest artists and craftsmen, such as Révélations in Paris, Art + Design and The International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show in New York.