Gatserelia Design

Gatserelia Design, founded by Gregory and Alexander Gatserelia in 1985, is an international team of architects, designers, landscape architects and consultants. Since the beginning, the company has grown into a well reputed, trend-setting agency in the world of design, consistently innovating across a variety of different interiors. The company thinks of design as a tool to enrich people’s lives and help organisations succeed. They believe in balancing interiors with the right dose of functionality and beauty, imagining solutions for the most challenging of environments and projects. Gatserelia Design transforms concrete surroundings into surreal, highly sensational environments, striving for renewal, reinvention and continual evolution in design. Gatserelia Design has worked on complex high-end residential projects that exude functionality and calm living environments. They have conceived ground-breaking concepts for hotels in the Middle East and beyond, giving them a soul and making them references in the world of hospitality. Their corporate workspaces are culture-centric and foster interpersonal communication and real interaction within the workplace while creating an environment that is conducive to productivity. Gatserelia Design’s experience and expertise have them flying around the world, creating projects from Lebanon to Dubai, Morocco, France, Canada and the United States to name a few.