Greenapple is a brand offering a different luxury: it designs and creates furniture, lighting and upholstery using a winning combination of ancestral artisanal knowledge and innovative technology.

With its design and production in Portugal, Greenapple conciliates success with art and creation with work. Each exclusive piece is made in symbiosis between creative designers, gifted artisans and the latest technology. Seasonally, the brand presents unique collections comprised of cabinets, bookcases, sideboards, consoles, tables, sofas, chairs, beds and lamps. Using only high quality and noble, raw materials in their products, Greenapple strives to create something unique and original which exceeds expectations.

The Greenapple Atelier is where each product is created and manufactured; where modern equipment coexists with the freedom of creation and the artisanal which ensures innovative and unique designs. The craftsmen behind each product find inspiration daily from places, colours, experiences and conversations, opening an almost childish freedom of creation without rules.

Equipped with a bespoke service, the brand enables its clients to have pieces of design with their own personal stamp. The studio offers rare raw materials, textures and limited series fabrics with customisable details and finishes. Greenapple works with interior designers, architects and artists, providing a full range of services from a turnkey project – including delivery and on-site installation – to individual services, such as personalised design.

Greenapple was founded in 2005 by Sérgio Rebola and Rute Martins, two married economists with MBAs and heaps of ideas. The studio was born from the desire to create a brand which focused on the creation of small objects and accessories and which represented a symbol of prestige and quality. Now with a bustling team of 35, the savoir-faire of ancient Portuguese workmanship goes hand-in-hand with a sense of restlessness to innovate. Carrying the Portuguese flag globally, Greenapple sources its wood and stone locally. The founding partners have maintained the perfectionism embedded in their products through the brand’s international growth. The result are exquisite pieces which are a combination of premium materials with pure imagination.

Greenapple’s latest collection, Perfect Raw, embodies a combined effort between designers’ creativity and artisanal savoir-faire, enhancing finishes and textures in a game between perfectionism and raw beauty, from which simplicity emerges as the ultimate form of sophistication. The collection is a tribute to the cultures that have influenced centuries of Portuguese creative existence, whose vision will reference its rich heritage. The result is an innovative luxury and an exclusive new aesthetic.