Gunjan is one of India’s leading product designers and an emerging name on the International design circuit. Having been in the industry for over a decade Gunjan’s work ranges from product design to the curation of global art exhibitions. Gunjan is the founder of Wrap Art & Design, a New Delhi-based luxury furniture and product design studio. Some of her iconic pieces include the Vertical ‘Thaali’ Eat Stack, ‘Khilone Walla’ Bicycle Throne and ‘Muda Walla’ Bicycle Throne which have been exhibited around the world.

Wrap is committed to sustainable materials and principles as well as high-end handicraft. The studio works with traditional craft communities in India to develop a range of contemporary furniture and accessories.

Its name is inspired by the concept that wrapping any item imbues it with a new identity and set of values. Since launching Wrap, Gupta has advocated for India’s handmade and craft industries through her own practice and strived to reposition the idea of “Made in India” as a luxury standard on a global scale.

The diversity of India’s material culture and its production capabilities that encompass centuries old master crafts on one hand and street style innovation called ‘jugaad’ on the other is a treasure trove for creative practitioners.

Gunjan works with natural materials like wood, stone, terracotta, bamboo, jute and metal that are common to India. She also works with precious materials silver and gold leaf, semi-precious stones and animal bone which she says is “intrinsic to the decorative arts of India. I love this contrast of mundane and precious materials that India has to offer, their juxtaposition is so real and beautiful. It mimics the visual landscape of urban India where its common to see a Bentley and a bullock cart in the same realm”