Hamilton Conte

Hamilton Conte was created in 2009 with the core belief that the emotional connection to our spaces and the objects that surround us helps our overall well-being and happiness. Their collection offers a complete range of interior furnishings, with the objective of making “out of the ordinary” objects in Europe using traditional methods and creating pieces with distinctive details that clients can cherish and enjoy throughout their lives. From seating to furniture, lighting to accessories, they believe imagination, combined with traditional artisanal production, allows them to make modern, yet timeless, pieces personalized to meet each individual’s idea of personal luxury.

The upholstery collection goes beyond typical geometrical design confines, with dynamic curves that characterize the brand’s range. In an elegantly relaxed style, the furniture, lighting and home accessories ranges also breaks with tradition using organic forms and textures, surprising combinations of materials, and the marriage of aesthetics with function. Many pieces are a nod to personal anecdotes, people or travels, and reflect a passion for storytelling. Through their wide selection of finishes and materials, Hamilton Conte offers the ability to produce items with a bespoke feel with the final product displaying exquisite craftsmanship and striking design.