James Lee

Born in China, in an historical and ancient city called Jiang Nan, rich with thousands of years of cultural history, James Lee was a naturally born artist with a special flair for art and design.

At a very early age he began to recognize intelligent design and spot the potential in invisible spaces. He wanted to create a vision for the future to pay tribute to the long history of his homeland.

After graduating from a master’s in interior design at the Chelsea College of Arts in London, James Lee has worked for many renowned design firms such as Chhada Siembieda & Associates and HBA – Hirsch Bedner & Associates where he was leading multicultural and international design team.

He recently founded his company L’Avventura & Associates a platform bringing together boutique designers from around the world to work on innovating interior design and architectural projects, with the aim of changing industry trends and catering to more sophisticated world travelers.

The company focuses on matching every client with a personalized team committed to work on the project and create authentic and creative spaces to fit the client’s needs and vision.

L’Avventura is also representing the Asia Pacific Hotel Design Association which is the most influencing annual conference taking place in China reuniting hotel designers from Asia and the Pacific to meet the market directly and work as a team on bespoke projects.  A competition is held every year to select the best designers for several award categories.