Jeremy Cole

The award-winning artisan was immersed in the world of design at a young age. His earliest memories were watching his mother work in her interior design showroom in Wellington. This family business lent him a more active role through the years, until his departure for Great Britain in 1999.

His philosophy rests on three points: Beauty, Elegance and Craftsmanship. Control over quality and production led to a ceramic studio in London. Creative triumphs off set ‘mad’ experimentation, and recognition of his brilliance grew worldwide. In 2008, a growing demand saw his studio move to the homeland of the ceramic industry, ‘The Potteries’ or Stoke on Trent and since then he has moved back to his homeland, New Zealand.

Today, his flora-inspired collections are appreciated the world over. Not only admired for their contemporary style and timeless beauty, but also for the care and skill each handmade piece entails. Embracing traditional methods of production with his own modern flair, Cole is proud to employ some of the world’s most skilled ceramicists.

Jeremy Cole’s singular style is an expression of his homeland, New Zealand, and its distinctive and stunning flora. Light is gently captured in the glowing ceramic plant forms. What are also captured – and most evident – are exquisite craftsmanship, elegance and beauty.