Founded by Alon and Betsy Kasha in 2004 in the heart of the coveted Parisian neighbourhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, KASHA PARIS redefines the art of a pied-à-terre as its own unique and innovative concept; with the creation of turnkey apartments, an expertise in interior architecture and a bespoke approach to real-estate.

At the core of KASHA PARIS, the architectural team and the real estate agency work seamlessly together to offer the quintessential Parisian experience. Aimed at both a French and international clientele who wish to reside on Paris’ prestigious Left Bank, KASHA PARIS offers an effortless entrée to Parisian living. Directed by Alon and Betsy Kasha, an American couple, the agency is comprised of a highly skilled and multilingual team capable of meeting all of their clients’ needs, from sourcing to purchasing, as well as architecture and interior design.

Just as Ernest Hemmingway who described the French capital as a “moveable feast”, Alon and Betsy Kasha find Paris endlessly inspiring. Their shared passion for creating exquisite spaces in Saint-Germain-des-Prés has evolved over time through contact with a sophisticated and discerning clientele who appreciate this neighbourhood for its village-like charm. Broadening their field of expertise, they first integrated a team of interior architects who create made-to-measure apartments, then established KASHA PARIS’ real-estate agency in 2013, cementing the individuality of their bespoke business model.

KASHA PARIS handpicks and create exceptional properties generally ranging from 100 to 250m2, paying particular attention to the space, natural light and original architectural details, although Alon and Betsy have a special affection for rethinking tiny spaces, calling them “architectural Rubik’s cubes”. Alon + Betsy look for places that have a unique atmosphere and a rich soul.

“When we choose an apartment, it is not about style or size but rather history and character. We particularly enjoy the challenge of quirky apartments with difficult layouts. Paris is perfect because it is filled with these hidden gems.” – Alon + Betsy Kasha, founders and directors of KASHA PARIS

KASHA PARIS manages each step of the project, from the technical work (insulation, soundproofing etc.), to the meticulous renovation of a space, always respecting the building’s heritage.

The agency does everything possible to create the perfect, liveable pied-à-terre, with a quintessential Parisian atmosphere: think breath-taking views, corners of greenery, long balconies, high ceilings, mouldings, wooden panelling, arches and antique parquet flooring. Attention is paid to even the smallest of details such as door handles and light switches.

The decoration is meticulous and made-to-measure. Alon + Betsy Kasha create each apartment as they would their own whilst attentively listening to the wishes of their clients. The pair have reinterpreted the codes of luxury design by preserving the old patina, renovating the interesting features and using vintage hardware. KASHA PARIS also creates new elements inspired by each building’s unique aesthetic, such as original mosaics in the kitchens and bathrooms.

We have a particular affinity for old materials. We work with old stone, original wooden flooring and panelling, mouldings, classic door handles and hardware, marble and old terracotta tiles…We are committed to bringing these apartments back to life, restoring them through the work of our talented teams and craftsmen.” – Alon + Betsy Kasha

It is about reviving dormant spaces, imagining beautiful, vibrant rooms where each material, piece of furniture and object naturally finds its place. They also infuse modernity through collaborations with the best French and European craftsmen.

“Good design requires functionality, charm and elegance. No amount of one will compensate for the lack of another. For example, functional layouts and modern amenities must be paired with charming original architectural details and elegant proportions.” – Betsy Kasha

From the inception of the project, KASHA PARIS offers unparalleled continued aftercare, providing their clientele with attentive service and a key to the French art-de-vivre each time they return to their Parisian home.

With their thorough knowledge of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, the KASHA PARIS team collaborate with other real estate agencies, giving them access to some of the most sought-after properties on the Left Bank. The quest for the perfect pied-à-terre thus becomes a reality.


About Kasha Paris

Alon + Betsy Kasha like to say that they were their own first client. When they met in New York, they discovered a shared passion for architecture. In 2001, whilst living in London, Alon + Betsy acquired a pied-à-terre in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Their natural eye and near-obsessive execution attracted interest, planting the first seeds of what would become their lifelong oeuvre. They left their careers in 2004 to create KASHA PARIS, and eventually their real-estate agency in 2013. Established in the heart of the famous Parisian Left Bank, they were the first to conceptualise and build the “turnkey pied-à-terre” in the 6th and 7th arrondissements of the French capital. Since then, they have built of a team of 10 and have designed more than 100 residences over the last 17 years.