Encompassing a bespoke collection of contemporary and modernist pieces, Luteca Furniture honours Mexico’s most influential 20th century design masters, while celebrating the diverse craftsman and artisans that make up the country’s rich cultural landscape. Musing on the tenants of simplicity, accessibility, texture and meaning in one’s space, pieces are designed to bring joy and spark memory, while indigenous materials redefine the invaluable connection to earth.

Comprising of three handcrafted collections; classic, contemporary and woven, Luteca furniture pieces endure time and tradition, honoring heritage, design, legacy and vision – exquisite collectibles to be cherished both now and generations to come.

Combining tenants of local craftsmanship and the use of raw materials, The Classic Collection illuminates the legacy of 20th century “Modern Mexico”, while musing on the original and innovative designs from Michael Van Beuren, Clara Porset, and Pedro Ramirez Vazquez. Pieces are handcrafted in tradition, artistry, and a rich architectural heritage.

 Showcasing Latin America’s brightest talents, the Contemporary Collection brings the modernist into the cosmopolitan, where functionality and aesthetics are celebrated through the use of natural materials, classic techniques and innovative tools.

Ever evolving and redefining the bridge between past and present, the contemporary collection boasts bold shapes, textures, forms and movement, honoring its origins and redefining the future.

 Honoring the ancient and revered techniques of Mayan weaving, The Woven ‘Icpalli’ Seating Tule Collection is an homage to Mexican Folk tradition. To protect and preserve the endangered art form, Luteca encourages the continued support of the woven artistry by training and cultivating more skilled craftsman, furthering the exceptional weaving tradition of Mexican heritage with the world.

Unique to the Luteca collection is its celebration of indoor, outdoor living, inherent to Mexican lifestyle and culture. Encompassing natural and raw materials such as volcanic stone, walnut, maple, teak, bronze, wrapped leathers and polished brass, each piece is designed and developed for life indoor and out, befitting a myriad of environments and climates, catering to international clientele around the world.