Founded in 2012 by Julien Diard, MOORE Design is a multifaceted company supplying in demand furniture to both people and businesses. It offers atypical and functional furnishing solutions according to the philosophy of its founder, who believes that good design is the most contemporary expression of hospitality.

MOORE Design specialises in the importation, distribution and creation of furniture dedicated to the development of the tertiary sector. Its teams work daily with manufacturers, aiming to continuously establish innovative solutions that respond to the evolving needs of businesses and new ways of working.

In September 2020, following the acquisition of CEB (Comptoir Européen du Bureau), an enterprise created in 1989 by Charles Guez, MOORE Design has expanded their branches specializing in the creation and distribution of furniture to office spaces and the hospitality sector.

The shift in employees’ behavior, the revolution of workspaces, physical and psychological ergonomic design, acoustics, new ways of working, flex-offices, ‘slashers’ (entrepreneurs with multiple jobs) and coworking spaces are all topical issues for businesses. From project conception to its implementation, MOORE Design provides solutions adapted to the needs of any users. Each project is unique and responds to specific challenges.

“At MOORE Design, we put our expertise to the disposal of our clients and their desire to create an experience for their employees. We want to make every space comfortable but also fluid, functional and beautiful. In our opinion, the beauty of a place, like that of a piece of furniture, clearly lies in its design, its material and its colour, but also in its capacity to open our eyes, to awaken our curiosity, welcome our presence, assist our actions and engage in exchange.” – Julien Diard, founder and CEO of MOORE Design.

Under the trademark MOORE EDITION, the company has developed a range of adapted furniture, comprised of modular desks and a series of benches. These evolving and dynamic pieces of furniture can be combined endlessly; they make it possible to enhance and personalize open spaces. As the soundscape is crucial, MOORE Design also design and offer a range of custom-made acoustic panels.

Conscious of sustainable development, MOORE Design’s factories are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Additionally, the company is a member of the VALDELIA network and finances the recovery of waste furnishings in order to promote their recycling and prevent waste disposal.

This involves the raising of staff awareness of environmental standards, developing office waste management systems, rationalizing energy consumption through the use of digital technology, and reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from travel. The furniture solutions at MOORE Design are involved in a movement of sustainability, quality and responsibility.

Values of exchange and sharing are part of the DNA of MOORE Design and as such, the enterprise wished to take this further through the creation of the AMOORE Foundation in 2017.

Much more than a commitment, MOORE Design and AMOORE Foundation share the same belief that “design is also solidarity.”