Founded in 2011 by 3 artisan designers – Cyril Kaleka, Jennifer Midoz and Malo du Bouëtiez – MYDRIAZ specialises in the design and creation of bespoke furniture, decorative lighting and monumental high-end brass installations. From the initial sketches through to installation, the designers are involved with the entire production process. MYDRIAZ creates decorative collections that combine lighting with brass and other high-quality materials.

Technical requirements and the choice of the finish are at the heart of their approach to the overall aesthetic and the concept they imagine. Throughout their creations, MYDRIAZ seek to break down the barriers between art and craftsmanship by combining traditional manufacturing with cutting-edge techniques. Working at the crossroads between two disciplines, MYDRIAZ produces and edits outstanding functional sculptures.

The high technicality of their approach, from the initial concept to the carefully-selected finishing touches, produces an overall aesthetic that breaks down barriers between art and craftmanship. By combing traditional manufacturing processes with cutting-edge techniques, MYDRIAZ creates outstanding functional sculptures. Their work revolves around lighting and furnishings, and creating opposing effects in its substance as well as in its form. Their designs illustrate the junction where tradition meets innovation, and where elegance and the avant-garde unite.

Sensitivity, precision and agility make up MYDRIAZ’s philosophy.

From the beginning, MYDRIAZ has dreamt up daring pieces made of metal, a material that initiates a dialogue between art and functionalism. The mastery of innovative methods and crafting techniques also allows for strong aesthetics and conceptual dimensions to blossom.

This unique array of pieces has quickly captured the attention of well-known luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier, Dom Pérignon, Isabel Marant, Diane Von Furstenberg and Lancel. MYDRIAZ also works with contemporary designers and artists such as Martino Gamper and Pierre Huygues. Strengthened by these wonderful collaborations, the workshop participates in a number of events, and has received various excellence awards. The eclecticism of MYDRIAZ’s clientele also feeds into a varied catalogue, continuously integrating new pieces displayed from New York to Miami; in places as diverse as they are remarkable, such as the Palais de Tokyo and the l’hôtel de la Marine in Paris.