Established in 1883 by Madame Noël, the eponymous company first specialized in antique lace. It was not until 1910 that her son, Edouard-Louis Noël, made embroidery the company’s trademark. In collaboration with his wife, Jeanne Boulet, he developed what would become the “Noël style.”

In the 1920s, the company moved to rue La Boétie and became renowned for the quality of its products. Noël’s sophisticated tablecloths were used at chic and prestigious dinners held at venues such as the Elysée and Versailles and receptions organized by Helena Rubinstein and Mrs. Ford in New York. Noël forged a worldwide reputation for itself and embroidered the cradle linen for Prince Charles of England.

In 1992, Adeline Dieudonné acquired Noël and managed to breathe new life into the company while preserving the tradition of exclusivity and quality that made it such a cherished brand. Artists and designers are regularly asked to create new motifs that reflect the Noel style. Annabelle d’Huart and, more recently, Florine Asch and Alice Cozon, have all collaborated with the company.