Philippe Demougeot

Philippe Demougeot is both a DPLG-certified architect and an interior designer, and as such, he handles both construction and renovation projects. He specializes in the notions of functionality, space-saving, and comfortable living.

From Parisian Haussmann-style apartments to family homes, from office spaces to stores, Philippe Demougeot manages projects of all scales and styles.

From the first hand-drawn sketches to the final delivery, Philippe Demougeot pays great attention to details, while always respecting his clients’ specifications and demands. He is renowned for his architectural expertise and his strong sense for spatial optimization. Philippe Demougeot handles all types of projects, from studio apartments to historical chateaux. This attention to details, this precision and elegance in the lines and shapes of his work are the results of years of professional experience, leading to the creation of spaces that, while staying true to their function, truly express a story.

After a degree in Political Studies and after graduating from the École Boulle, Philippe Demougeot went on to study at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris, under the architect and urban planner Roland Castro.

In 1995, Philippe Demougeot received his DPLG architect’s certification and was recruited by the architect and urban planner René Blanchard with whom he worked on various hotel projects in Nice. He then went to live in China for two years, working on a multitude of projects, building apartments, shopping centres, and restaurants.

Since 2000, Philippe Demougeot has dedicated most of his time working on interior design and the renovation of apartments or houses, mainly in France and Switzerland.