Studio Cast Glass (SCG) is launching its flagship brand RIZO at Downtown Design Dubai, introducing a new benchmark for luxury with bespoke designs for total living concepts. RIZO is an amalgamation of over 30 years of experience in luxury design with an expert and robust technical know-how. RIZO is an embodiment of the intangible belonging and experiential luxury where each piece of work has a story unique to its characteristics much like the eclectic mix of materials. Beautifully sculpted and handcrafted by passionate, inspired and extremely skilled artisans whose aim is to create art that can be passed over to generations, emphasis is laid on utmost detailing and perfection in bringing to life the carefully curated designs. RIZO gives those who have a passion for boundary-pushing design the opportunity to engage with contrast. The classic and the dynamic, the minimalistic and the opulent. The brand embodies fearlessness and manifests this in expertly creating truly one off pieces. RIZO brings together the most creative minds to collaborate on exciting new projects, producing prestigious commissioned pieces of the highest calibre. A sublime and emotional experience that is meant to stir, RIZO presents a collection of exquisite original and iconic designs of furniture, wall coverings, lighting and architectural accents.