For more than 50 years, the American brand Sunbrella has combined performance and design to create refined textiles for indoor and outdoor use.

A true international reference in the creation of innovative fabrics for marine activities and navigation, the brand has extended its expertise to the upholstery sector. Considering that fabrics must be both beautiful and functional, Sunbrella has established its position as a leader in the manufacture of “high performance” textiles and has become a reference in outdoor furniture, famous for its durability and excellent sun protection.

Sunbrella was founded with the belief that high-performance textiles are essential to bring the quality, design and comfort sought in indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Sunbrella fabrics skilfully combine style and functionality. Available in a palette of original colours, they are distinguished by their sophisticated design, incredibly soft textures and ease of maintenance, thus far unmatched.

Combining performance, design and creativity to develop high-quality, contemporary collections, Sunbrella continuously transforms and revisits its products to meet the needs of a demanding clientele. Thanks to its unique savoir-faire in fiber weaving and staining, the brand relies on a technical process that distinguishes it from its competitors, thus guaranteeing its products an exceptional colour retention and extreme weather resistance. It is recognized by all industry players for its resistance to fading caused by the sun, moon and water

Sunbrella textiles meet the highest standards in the industry and are used in the most demanding performance areas.

Inspired by the latest trends in art, fashion and design, Sunbrella maintains its avant-garde, state-of-the-art position. The result is a unique marriage between design and performance, of incomparable beauty and reputation.

It is through the unique quality and creativity of its fabrics that Sunbrella has become the trusted choice of the largest creators and designers of indoor and outdoor furniture.