Tiergarten is a Paris based digital art publisher and gallery that showcases quintessential forms. Its creation has opened up fresh vistas for its designers, giving them the freedom to explore new areas.

With its inaugural series of animal sculptures in wood and bronze, the designers set out to share their delight in nature and celebrate the beauty of living creatures. Beginning with a long phase of observation, they have studied the animals in depth to distil their essential characteristics into almost pictogrammatic representations. Together, the four sculptures make up a serene indoor garden of contemplation.

The sculptures are produced by an unusual process: first, digital templates of the figures are gradually whittled out using computer software, then the pieces are hand-made by decorative craftsmen.

This guarantees that every piece is unique, true to the original design and respectful of the material it is made of.

The bronze editions are limited, and each piece is numbered. The wood editions are made to order and are not limited.

Tiergarten has great pleasure in introducing you to its first four inhabitants: Horus the falcon, Gaston the hedgehog, Loki the squirrel and Odin the raven