Toulemonde Bochart

« It is amongst the hours spent by the designers polishing their creations to express their vision of the present, and in the days of our weavers’ work endlessly renewing their ancestral gestures in the respect of the tradition, that one can find this quest for accuracy which makes the quality of our rugs. »

A true reference for decades, the rug designer Toulemonde Bochart is present worldwide, and its creations can be found in private residences, luxury shops, hotels, restaurants and embassies.

Deeply rooted in its time since its creation, this Frenchdesign house regularly collaborates with internationally-renowned designers, allowing them to express their artistic vision.

After Andrée Putman, Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Hilton Mc Connico, current collaborations include Laurent Maugoust, Reda Amalou, Samuel Accoceberry, and Florence Bourel (non-exhaustive list) whose creations enrich the existing and timeless collections of the brand.

It is in Asia, in India and in Nepal, that Toulemonde Bochart draws its authentic and ancestral manual savoir-faire.

Values such as respecting their partners, ambition and innovation, have been at the core of the rug house from the start. The exchange between tradition and modernity, such as environmental standards, respect for humanity and evolving techniques enable Toulemonde Bochart to guarantee excellence to its clients.

The mastership of intricate techniques, such as weawing, tufting, and knots, by experienced and meticulous craftsmen allows a variation of textures, reliefs and prints. From New Zealand wool, Tibetan silk, viscose and cashmere to linen, hessian and nettle, great care is also given to the choice of materials, their origin and their journey.

In order to respond to bespoke and exclusive requests, and bigger projects, Toulemonde Bochart adapts its offer and services according to the needs of individual clientele and diverse projects. Shapes, dimensions, drawings, materials, finishing, the possibilities are endless for projects inside and outside.