Vista Alegre

Since 1824, the Portuguese tableware brand VISTA ALEGRE is recognised throughout the world for its porcelain, glass and crystal pieces. Synonymous with harmony, tradition and modernity, Vista Alegre has taken over the international market of decoration, gifts and hospitality. With a heritage of more than a century, the porcelain factory is in Ílhavo near Porto, and is a key part of the cultural heritage and history of Portugal.

In 2001, the Vista Alegre Group combined its expert knowledge of porcelain, earthenware and sandstone with the excellence of the Atlantis group in crystal and handmade glass. This merger started the Vista Alegre Atlantis Group, one of the largest and most prestigious tableware and giftware groups in the world. The brand now has 31 stores in Portugal and many other outlets worldwide.

Innovation is at the heart of Vista Alegre, which develops, year after year, new products, and regularly collaborates with renowned designers. Contemporary designers and artists (fashion, painting, sculpture, architecture or literature) have lent their talent to Vista Alegre, offering breathtaking and original creations.

With its lighting collection, Vista Alegre takes a step forward in the world of lighting. The collaboration with visionary designer Ross Lovegrove has resulted in translucent porcelain combined with a complex light shape. From design to electrical components, the contemporary line of lighting by Ross Lovegrove opens a new chapter in the already rich history of this exceptional brand.

Vista Alegre combines traditional savoir-faire with advanced technology, serving design. An established and universally recognized excellence allows the brand to expand year on year, which enjoys a varying clientele including royal families, presidents and celebrities from around the world. Renowned for its cutting-edge, artistic and innovative designs, Vista Alegre has secured numerous prestigious international design awards, including the Red Dot Awards, Good Design Awards, Wallpaper* Design Awards and so many more.