Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre, a brand of high quality porcelain and lead crystal, is recognized as one of the leading tableware and giftware brands in the world and by far the most prestigious in Portugal. Synonymous with harmony, tradition and modernity, Vista Alegre satisfies both the Portuguese and international market needs in the art of tableware, decoration, giftware and hotelware at the highest level.

Vista Alegre was founded in the early 19th century by José Ferreira Pinto Basto, fulfilling his dream to create a factory of porcelain and crystal. In 1829, just five years after the official grant authorizing the functioning of the Vista Alegre Factory, the factory received the title of Royal Factory in recognition of its art and industrial success.

Initially notable for its production of glass, with pieces using relief work, engraving or frosted effects, Vista Alegre quickly became known for its porcelain. In 1880, with its increased success and quality porcelain, the production of glass and crystal was discontinued. In 1964, the Historical Museum of Vista Alegre was inaugurated, in order to showcase to the public iconic pieces representing its long and abundant history.