Walid Sfeir


Walid Sfeir, founder, CEO and lead designer.

A graduate of the American University of Beirut, Walid Sfeir spent his formative years in the war-torn Lebanese capital before moving to London for two years to deepen his knowledge and understanding of interior architecture. Upon return to his homeland, he founded Walid Sfeir & Associates (WSA) and the design firm was quickly entrusted with prestigious residential projects in some of the most sumptuous buildings in the city center of Beirut. After years of a devastating civil war, the time of reconstruction and rebirth has come.

Having worked on projects ranging from private residence, to commercial spaces and hospitality developments in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. WSA quickly established itself as one of the most sought-after agencies in the Middle East and its broad interior design repertoire has since expanded to projects in Paris and London.

In 2006 Walid was joined by his sister Gina Sfeir Mekkawi who began her career in Paris where she acquired a thorough understanding of antiques and textiles on top of her extensive interior design expertise.

Walid Sfeir blends contrasting styles and aesthetics with audacity, he never ceases to break and reinterpret the design codes. With a unique mastery of colours, he expertly associates monochromes, bold shades and daring patterns. He seamlessly fuses Occidental and Oriental inspirations with maximalist design and sleek lines to create theatrical spaces with perfect proportions.

His projects boast a large variety of precious material such as rare marbles, woods, brass and lacquer. Exquisite fabrics are associated with intricate embroideries and walls are adorned with delicate paneling or wallpapers. Art has a central place in his work; abstract and contemporary artworks stand alongside ancient artefacts in a perfect coherence. Walid Sfeir’s work transcends cultures and eras to invent a new sense of elegance, sophistication and warmth.

Recent projects include large residential properties in Kuwait and Beirut. The finished result is two outstanding properties where the attention to detail is second to none and luxury exudes from every corner. Walid Sfeir Associates have three projects scheduled to start in Paris, to Kuwait and Bahrein in 2021.