Wartel Design is THE new sensation in the creation and design of exceptional lighting fixtures.

This young family company imagines and manufactures extraordinary creations where design, art and technology blend harmoniously.

Comprised of three artisans from various backgrounds, Wartel Design encompasses innovation and perfection, that is guided by an unprecedented attention to detail.

Bertrand Wartel is an ironworker and metal construction engineer. His inspiration can be found in the leading designers and architects, such as Santiago Calatrava, Marcel Breuer or Jean Prouvé, who all have ensured that research and technical requirements are at the heart of their creations.

Fanette, his daughter, is a young art cabinetmaker and a graduate of the Boulle school. Before joining the Wartel Design project, she perfected her training through the restoration of antique furniture and the creation of wooden sculptures and conceptual pieces. Her inspirations are based on unique techniques, inspired by her travels abroad and the cultures she has discovered.

Jean-Baptiste, his son, is a graphic designer. With a wealth of experience in communication consulting agencies, notably through numerous projects in music and cinema industries, the young artistic director is involved both in the reflection process, and in the combinations of materials, colours and finishes.

The result of this cocktail of talents is an eclectic, sculptural, singular collection, where know-how, aesthetics and design offer brilliant creations.

Most models are based on the TopFloor® concept, which allows pressure to be applied between the floor and the ceiling. The lighting piece thus becomes a “living” entity, articulated, moving or telescopic, playing with cantilevers and inertia.

All creations are handmade in Wartel’s workshop, located in the Paris region. They are all bespoke, customizable and adaptable.

This unique way of harmonizing materials, workmanship and aesthetics ensures that all the Wartel Design products are beautifully authentic and of exceptional quality.


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