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Andreea Braescu


Andreea Braescu

Romanian-born Andreea Braescu works with porcelain to create bespoke light sculptures. Her works aspire to bring interior spaces to life in a desire to offer both a functional and emotional experience.


When illuminated, the handmade petals and leaves emit a warm and enveloping light transforming the installation into a true work of art. Andreea Braescu’s aim in every aspect of her design is to capture the essence of nature and to continually push the boundaries of the materials and technologies she uses in the design of her sculptural lighting.


In her Bucharest-based studio, Andreea Braescu designs pieces that harmonize with her clients’ space and adapt to the volumes of their environment. No two designs are the same, just like the wonders of nature that Andreea draws inspiration from on a daily basis.

Although embracing new technologies, Andreea Braescu nevertheless places craftsmanship at the heart of her creative process. Each porcelain element of her pieces embodies the passion and delicacy she infuses into her work. A true homage to light, each surface is glazed by hand to ensure a uniform shine and finish.

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