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Our core activities

APR is an international press relations agency that for more than two decades has combined sector-specific expertise with profound industry know-how. The diversity of our clients and their DNA is what makes us so impactful in what we do. Each new story that we create feeds into the next, fostering ever more creativity in the media outreach we provide.


Our clients

Our goals are the same as yours in that we want to help you build your reputation while staying true to your vision for the future. APR, the international press relations agency, is focused on tomorrow’s opportunities and is committed to supporting you in every step of your journey.

Meet our clients

Our international expertise

APR is an international press relations agency with an exceptionally dynamic and reactive multilingual and multicultural team. Recognising the importance of its clients’ visibility on the global stage, APR has created a solid network of journalists in all four corners of the world:

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#TelAviv #Singapore #HongKong #Beijing #Dubai #Sydney

APR provides its clients with personalised support, strategic advice and original content creation. The agency also offers event management and a full range of digital solutions.