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Bordallo Pinheiro


Bordallo Pinheiro

The Caldas da Rainha Faience Factory was founded in 1884, crossing the traditional arts of ceramics, the modernity of various styles that announced themselves as the future, and the originality and irreverence of its creator, Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro. Thus was born the production of inseparable pieces, even today, from our imagination, full of creativity and humor, marked by social conscience and the transgression of the ready-made thoughts.

The acquisition of the company by Grupo Visabeira rescued this heritage of enormous value, ensuring the continuity of a company of outstanding artistic notoriety that is intertwined with the national cultural heritage. Using much of the century-old techniques to reproduce models, the factory continues today to recover the rich and vast Bordallian legacy and, animated by the same pioneering spirit that gave rise to it, creates contemporary products, reinforcing its connection with renowned artists of art contemporary and basing its prestige in the various markets.

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