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M éditions

M éditions champions creativity through the celebration and appreciation of a material that is thousands of years old – marble. Each year, they invite several designers to create their own pieces.



Whether pushing the limits of stone, combining it with metal, ceramics, wood or almost any other material, showcasing new aesthetics through marble is what inspired Jean-Pascal Morvidoni to found M éditions in Paris in 2019. A marble maker for three generations and director of Marbreries de la Seine, he is a lover of beautiful objects and appreciates engaging in dialogue with designers, no matter their style.



Thierry Lemaire, Francesco Balzano, Anthony Guerrée and Hugo Toro have been given the opportunity to design their own unique collections. Jean-Pascal Morvidoni also promotes multidisciplinary artists such as Lilian Daddi, the interior architect Romy Lesniowski and the designers Arthur Vallin and Jimmy Delatour.



Whether the intention for the designs are practical, experimental or quixotic, these collections are exhibited in prestigious venues such as Le Corbusier Foundation. They are also presented in the M éditions showrooms in Paris, designed by Francesco Balzano and in Miami, designed by Bismut & Bismut.



With a view to conserving marble, a natural treasure, M éditions steers its designers towards using fragments and blocks of recycled stone, inviting them to adopt a responsible approach without denying their aesthetic values.

33 rue de Verneuil, 75007 Paris // 8163 NE 2nd Avenue 33138 Miami

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