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Christian Lacroix Maison


Christian Lacroix Maison

Since 2010, the iconic, colourful and baroque world of Christian Lacroix Maison has been celebrating an art of living full of creativity and freedom.

Under the creative direction of Sacha Walckhoff and in collaboration with prestigious designers and manufacturers, the furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, decorative accessories and tableware collections are available in a variety of materials and techniques. Through its contemporary and dreamlike creations, Christian Lacroix Maison brings imagination and the unexpected to an interior.


For over 10 years, Christian Lacroix Maison has been working with the team at Designers Guild to develop the Art de Vivre collections of Christian Lacroix Maison. Tricia Guild – Founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild – and Sacha Walckhoff have been on wild adventures together making collections that have become emblematic, inspiring travel and reverie from Arles to Seville, from the Amazon to the far reaches of the New World… all from under the inspiring sky of Paris!


Over the years, Christian Lacroix has successfully crafted some incredibly fantastical journeys through time, in particular with the trilogy, “Utopia”, “The Odyssey” and “Atlantis”. Christian Lacroix Maison and its creative director Sacha Walckhoff have created collections with even more fantasy, spirit and freedom, so that they can be intertwined according to the desires and needs of each individual. Christian Lacroix Maison invites you to embark on a thousand utopian and magical journeys, for a limitless experience that explores the possibilities of one’s very own imagination.

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