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HEIMAT by Waris Dirie

HEIMAT by Waris Dirie

HEIMAT by Waris Diris is an exclusive fitness concept dedicated solely to women, located in the heart of Paris.


Much more than a gym, Heimat, which means “home” in German, has been designed for all women who are not only looking for a space to work out, but also to find peace, recharge their batteries, meet other like-minded people while admiring works of art.


Advocating a harmonious and fresh approach to fitness and wellness, the private club, with its motto “Proud Female Fitness”, breaks new ground with tailor-made offerings to uplift both the body and the soul.


Each aspect, each offer and each design detail at HEIMAT by Waris Dirie is shaped by this vision of high quality fitness.


The exclusivity of the facility is also defined by the conditions of membership. HEIMAT by Waris Dirie is only accessible to selected members following the review of a registration questionnaire.

35 rue Paul Valéry, 75116 Paris

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