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Humbert & Poyet

Two architects, Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, joined forces to form Humbert & Poyet.

The design and fashion enthusiasts decided to pool their skills to provide a full range of services from construction to interior design. They both studied in Paris, the former as a state-qualified architect (Paris-Belleville National School of Architecture graduate) and the latter as a CFAI interior designer (Académie Charpentier graduate). It all began in 2007 when Emil Humbert, from Paris, opened his architecture firm and Christophe Poyet, from Monaco, had just graduated. Humbert & Poyet was founded a year after they first met: “It was natural, I instantly knew we’d work together,” says Emil Humbert.


Their projects focus on elegant and meticulous designs to create timeless spaces using premium materials such as stone, wood and bronze. Naturally, the most important thing is to reflect the client’s personality and respect the soul of the site.

Humbert & Poyet put their stamp on public work sites with their expert choice of materials, lighting design or their ability to showcase a space and set the scene for the client to take centre stage. “We communicate constantly throughout a project. Our symbiosis forms the foundations of our projects and ensures the space that we’ve imagined works,” says Christophe Poyet.

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