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Ina Rinderknecht

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, but with an international upbringing across many continents, Ina Rinderknecht’s love of design began at a young age when she learnt traditional Indonesian arts and crafts during a school exchange in Yogyakarta. From there, she graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design followed by obtaining a master’s degree of Arts in Design from Domus Academy Milan. Ina started her professional career in Milan before moving to Hawaii to create renowned hospitality spaces with Peter Vincent & Associates.


Whilst working as the lead interior designer on the Park Shore Waikiki Hotel in 2005, owned by the Blackstone Group, she was subsequently asked in 2006 to join this Private Equity firm as a design consultant for their own luxury hotel brand, LXR Luxury Resorts. In 2006, she founded Ina Rinderknecht, her design agency, in San Francisco and returned to her homeland, Zurich, in 2008 where she finally established the firm.

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