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Sacha Walckhoff

Born in France in 1962, Sacha Walckhoff spent his childhood in Switzerland. After studying at the School of Fashion Arts and Techniques in Barcelona, he worked in various fashion houses including Jean Rémy Daumas, Dorothée Bis and Michel Klein. He met Christian Lacroix in August 1992, marking the start of a long collaboration. After being in charge of the ready-to-wear collections and the accessories lines, Sacha Walckhoff is currently in charge of the brand’s artistic direction. From 2000, he became a consultant for other brands such as Kenzo and Jean-Claude Jitrois, while continuing to work for Christian Lacroix. Two years later, Christian Lacroix asked him to devote himself fully to the brand, and he became the designer’s right-hand man.

In 2010, Christian Lacroix left the House and Sacha Walckhoff was appointed Creative Director. Since his appointment, he has created the men’s ready-to-wear collections and the women’s accessories lines, while preserving the style and spirit of the House. He has created and developed the lifestyle side of the brand, with collections of tableware, furnishing fabrics, wallpaper, stationery and home accessories. Since January 2014, alongside the collections he has been developing for Christian Lacroix, Sacha Walckhoff has been developing more personal designs.

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