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Matières Libres

Created by the designer Mathias, the Association Matières Libres aims to help young people graduating from art schools, applied arts schools or self-taught students during the difficult transition to professional life. Each year, in April, a competition is launched by the Association Matières Libres through the media, social networks or by posting in schools. It is open to all young creative people under the age of 30 who have graduated from applied arts schools such as Boulle, Duperré, Estienne, Olivier de Serres, etc. or who are self-taught. The Mathias Prize will be awarded to three young people in recognition of their originality, their expertise and their creative freedom.


In addition to awarding the three cash prizes, Matières Libres publicise the work of the winners through exhibitions at trade fairs, articles in the press, communication on social networks, etc. They also invest in the recognition of their talents by putting the winners in touch with all the key figures likely to help them: business leaders, journalists, specialists in the arts and crafts, lawyers, etc. Finally, Matières Libres helps them with their first commissions and advises them on how to develop their professional careers.

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